Art Project Curatoring

Dolmen Associates engage in the executive and artistic direction of contemporary art and music projects. On behalf of private, corporate or public institutions, we provide independent curatoring, artwork commissioning, and the whole range of administration competence including financial planning. In-house Contemporary Art & Sound Series (CASS), launched in 1999, was hailed as a breakthrough in coalescing contemporary art and music. While championing the most cutting edge artists and musicians, it has also promoted young performers, thereby mixing a wide range of talents and experience.

Art Collection Management

Dolmen Associates offer private, corporate and public collectors innovative guidance on their specific needs. Our experienced team of specialists in modern and contemporary art conducts confidential expertise, including valuation, assessment of buying and selling needs, art dealing and financing. Our objective is to meet your advisory needs to develop together the potential of your collection. Ultimately, Dolmen’s track record in the management of several high level collectors and dealers is our greatest asset.

Sales representation and artwork commissioning

Dolmen Associates are committed to provide the highest level of service to the artists and musicians we represent. We further dedicate ourselves to the edition, financing, and production of contemporary artwork and music. The expertise acquired over the years and continually updated enables Dolmen to meet artists and musicians expectations in a professional manner.