CASS 2001 Église Jésuites

This deconsecrated church is going to be used a number of times in different formats.

I found one of these formulae in my video archives – a brief glimpse of Lionel Marchetti who decided that day to take a walk on the cornice playing a mouth organ.

Perhaps he was getting closer to God?


The sacred, verticality, reconverting sacred buildings, Jesuits.


Olaf Breuning | Peter Fischli & David Weiss | Herve Graumann | Daniela Grüninger | Carl June | Jérôme Leuba


Andres Bosshard | Andy Guhl | Günter Müller | Richard Jean | Norbert Möslang | Frédérick Quennoz | Margrit Rieben | David Scrufari