CASS 2020 Corps de Piano

About the Architecture by Frédéric Quennoz

The objective of this construction is to demonstrate how a project brings music back to the center of the city. Due to its easily removable and movable construction, this Nomad architecture is modular and allows horizontal and vertical listening of sound through different accesses to the central space.

It comes like a second skin to make the sound system or the concert resonate.


About the music by Pierre Mariétan

The music consists of 88 piano notes distributed either by random modes, or according to original composition modes. The 88 piano notes were recorded one by one according to two playing modes, specific to the piano instrument: each pp notes, just touched, the other mode results from a strong attack followed by all its resonance.

A real piano is placed in the place, right pedal permanently lowered, the diffusion system located inside, on the frame.