CASS 2003 Pénitencier de Sion

The prison of Sion had just been emptied of its last inhabitants, a lick of paint was given to the building so I didn’t want to waste the opportunity to use this building’s layout and style for experimentation. Each musician could play a solo in his or her cell then enter the great hall of monitoring and control, and join all the cells through the centralised mixing table.

Each musician could thus ‘spy’ on each other’s sound world, giving specific tones and colours to the mixes. We felt that the relationship with space was different depending on whether the musician came from Tokyo, from Basel or from the south of France.

It is important to highlight the quality of the visual artists, generously lent by Marion Lambert and hung by Daniela Gruninger; Paul McCarthy, Nan Goldin, Tulsa de Larry Clark, Mike Kelly etc.

Former State Penitentiary | Sion | 2003
Official partner: LAC Switzerland


Haluk Akakce | Olaf Breuning | Daniela Grüninger | Nobuyoshi Araki | David Amstrong | Larry Clark | Tracey Emin | Walker Evans | Robert Gobert | Nan Golding | Damien Hirst | Mike Kelley | Zoe Leonard | Sarah Lucas | Gordon Matta-Clark | Paul McCarthy | Richard Prince | Wolfgang Tillmans



eRikm | Andy Guhl | Charlotte Hug | Richard Jean | Tomas Korber | Sachiko M | Günter Müller | Toshi Nakamura | Frédérick Quennoz | Yan Castelli | Patrick Donzé | Otomo Yoshihide